Hi. Welcome to my website!

I'm a Vancouver-based creative & freelancer driven by sports, storytelling and the satisfying feeling of doing the things right and better than the last time. Progress is my driving force.

When I was in third year of uni, I realized I could profit from creating content, hence I told myself that all my savings from freelance would be reinvested on gear only. I said yes to any gigs. Eventually, I found myself doing what I love full-time. 

Yet, freelancing has proven to be more difficult than what I thought it'd be. It's not only about making nice content, but also about building strong relationships with clients. Hence, above everything, I value the relationships with people who trust me and the work I can do for them; word of mouth is how I get around.

As you may already know, creating videos and stories is my passion, and I'm always open to working on new projects. Even if there's a meteorite about to hit Planet Earth and finish with human life, I'll be the one trying to capture the moment of impact ;)


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