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Director/Producer/DP: Pablo Zubiria

Locations: Worldwide

Music: Avicii, Alesso & One Republic

Software: Premiere Pro & After Effects

Client: Passion Project

Voiceover:  Matthew McConaughey

Time of Year: April 2014 - Ago 2019

Gear: Sony a6300, Mavic Air & Moza Gimbal




As a creator, the hero's journey is present every day as I learn and take on new challenges. "I'm never gonna reach my hero, but it keeps me with someone to keep on chasing." Once after I graduated from UBC, I redefined my career objectives, and realized how these keep constantly evolving. I decided to pair these ideas with my favorite clips taken throughout my undergrad at UBC.


  • Before shooting plan the area accordingly: think if the scene is good for slow-motion, 4K, time lapses, etc.

  • Capture movement (cars, people, moving objects) from at least 3 different angles and perspectives (close up, wide shot & a creative composition).

  • With static objects play with the foreground to add a sense of movement; with buildings create hyperlapses to add perspective and time passing.

  • You need shots that have something in common such as continuous action, movement, color or content. The eye focuses on the continuity of the movements, colors or actions and this makes the cuts seem invisible.

  • Double the frame rate & shoot manual if possible.


Feel free to shoot me a message via the contact button or just email me at

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