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Director/Producer/DP: Pablo Zubiria

Locations: Spain, Canada, Mexico & Japan

Music: "It's Only (VIP Remix)" by Odesza

Client: Personal/Freelance Website Reel

Software: Premiere Pro & After Effects

Main Gear: Sony a6300, Mavic Air, Moza Gimbal



We live in a new age of content consumption where we can choose to connect with distant people, unseen places, exotic cultures, and untold stories at will. We can change the way we experience the world. All with the power of a video. A narrative. 


To seize the opportunity, brands are now competing on narratives. Narratives create connection and crafting these stories is my passion. This video showcases some highlights of my work.


I'm always open to working on new projects. Even if there's a meteorite about to hit Planet Earth and finish with human life, I'll be the one trying to capture the moment of impact ;)

Hey Pablo, I want to hire/talk/work with you, how can I reach out?

Feel free to shoot me a message via the contact button or just email me at pablo_zubiria@hotmail.com.

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