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July  22, 2017 - July 23, 2017

Joffre Lakes, BC

< Lakes blushing blue & mountain peaks that kiss the sky >

My Philosophy


My passion is to combine analytical, strategic and creative thinking to develop impactful and compelling stories that move people to take action.


With professional experience as a media producer in BlackBerry and UBC, I've planned, produced and directed content for tech, medical, academic, sport and entertainment organizations; each of these experiences have taught me the value that media and storytelling have in any industry.


Above everything, I value the relationships with the people who trust me and the work I can do for them; word of mouth is how I get around.

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What I Create


Competitive Analysis I Brand Strategy I  Project Management

The world demands amazing, so let's give them amazing.

Media is about creating a well-planned and result-driven bridge between an organization and those it serves. I have experience with video production, graphic design, photography, and developing sound campaigns that can build a buzz around any business; followed by effective KPI's.


Video I Photography I Design

You won’t encounter a big ego or a lot of technical talk with me – just down-to-earth strategies designed to fit your business needs – along with honest, hard work to make them truly effective.

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