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exploring asia

Last year I had the privilege to explore new possibilities.


The Far East

Before my journey began I had a plan, a script and even the song I wanted for this video. It seemed like I had everything figured out. Then I realized how wrong I was. The Far East was not the place I had expected for it to be. It was much more. 

For each thing I perceived I decided to make a short sequence about it. To read the full story and editing process behind this video click here. 

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Travel Adventures


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TRAVEL / filmmaking


The Stories & Editing Behind The Far East Short Film

Released - Feb 2019



The Creative Process



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This will be my place for wandering thoughts and stories; the untold, raw and most real version of my adventures. I want this blog to be useful to you, a tool you can use for trip planning and inspiration. I hope that some of these stories inspires you to draw closer to your passions, as some of my favorite creators one did to me.


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< Cinematic Vancouver; Brazilian Carnaval >

About Me


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In 2017 I learned that everything in life is temporal: our family, friends, the experiences we have and much more.

I also learned about the power of video and photography; tools that defy time the same way a time machine does it.

My job has been converting raw images into captivating stories. I'm usually helping someone else tell their story; so this time I decided to tell my own. This video is a reminder, for myself and those who watch it, to not waste time, and live life fully.

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This night made me realize that film can go beyond beautiful landscapes and cities. The proof that music, as always, brings the best of people and is, by far, one of the biggest sources of inspiration one could have.

This video shows the highlights from Carnaval Night held at UBC and organized by BRASA UBC. 

For business inquiries or if you want designs, photography, and/or video coverage for your events (parties, festivals, etc.) feel free to shoot me a message here.

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