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The Journey
My Philosophy
Pablo Zubiria I Vancouver, BC

I believe in the power of ideas.

That the reason behind what we create is just as important as the creation itself, in other words, the world is full of amazing ideas, but an idea is only as good as it's execution. 


I believe in the raw, bold, unusual approach to stories.

In the echoing of diverse, creative minds into a common goal.

In the often-overlooked self-educating nature of failure.

In repetition, or what I rather call, improvement.

As an athlete, I truly feel that there is power in people who dream big and work hard together. As a photographer and filmmaker, I distinguish the impact of visuals in telling a story and creating emotion. As someone pursuing a profession in the mass media industry, I recognize the significance of strategy and innovation.

When all these are brought together, value-creation becomes an attainable and worthy goal. This is my purpose. 

Latest Video

 Brazilian Carnaval 2018 - Vancouver, B.C. 

Creative Work

To be released

Latest Trip: Joffre Lakes

< Lakes blushing blue & mountain peaks that kiss the sky >

If you are interested in following my progress and joining this adventure with me, you can check out my instagram or subscribe to my website:

Joffre Lakes, BC
Joffre Lakes, BC
Joffre Lakes, BC
Joffre Lakes, BC
Joffre Lakes, BC
Joffre Lakes, BC
Joffre Lakes, BC
Joffre Lakes, BC

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